Transform your color photographs into stunning black and white graphics that stand out from the crowd. Rich, deep and elegant B&W presets that will assist you meet your creative vision. This pair of presets is perfect for practically any type of photography; pictures, weddings, landscape, product, industrial, newborns and more. B&W Lightroom Preset Collection Black and white photographs are a lost art form. No longer B&W movie. Everything is digital. And what’s taken in color. It’s true that you could easily convert your images to B&W by simply adjusting the saturation to zero. Bland. Boring. Yuck! However, you are an artist. You want more than a plain, boring, B&W conversion. Outstanding B&W edits must convey an emotion or disposition to tell the narrative of your picture. This can be accomplished with this set of presets. In fact, you won’t need to spend hours and hours to find out how to make a thing to tell your story. With over 30 B&W presets to choose from your bound to find”the one”. Plus, you can easily adjust the settings to get FREE Lightroom Black And White Presets a perfect B&W edit… to your own story. I have taken my 30 decades of photography experience along with editing (through a darkroom and Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom) to create 30 premium B&W presets that will allow you to be more artistic. Now, you can take your images to a whole new artistic degree and achieve your creative vision. Our Quick Start Guide will have you using our vintage presets in 60 minutes or less! What kind of photos in case you use these B&W filters on? Well, because these were designed with colour photos in your mind… they are sometimes employed on any photo you’ve got! It is irrelevant whether it’s only a photo of a picture or an outdoor portrait (or marriage or anything else taken out ). 10 Free B&W Lightroom Presets The following free black and white Lightroom presets aren’t contained in the premium group (above). After installing the free presets you’ll be able to discover how to put in Lightroom presets in under 60 seconds. No email address necessary to download these presets either!

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