Learn More About The Different Types Of Drug Screening Tests

Drug screening is very important for all kinds of work settings. Employers can’t afford to be picky when it comes to drug screenings. That’s why drug screening is so important. You must be able to test at the right time to catch any unwanted illegal drugs.

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Here are some drug screening facts you should know: Most employers require a drug test for all applicants or employees. In most cases, this includes applicants who are new to the company. This is necessary because an employee who has recently come in may be trying to hide drugs from their supervisors.

The best way to decide which drug screening test will be the best for you is to think about how your urine test will be performed – by urinalysis urine or blood? If

What drugs are tested in the 10 panel drug test?

you choose a urinalysis urine drug screening test your urine sample will be collected and screened to see if it contains any trace amounts of drugs. If it does, then the test results will be sent to a lab to confirm your results.

On the other hand, if you choose a urinalysis urine drug screening test your urine sample will be screened using a device that has two tiny chambers. One chamber holds the sample and the other hold the biological samples that will be tested for drugs. A drug testing technician will analyze the results using a machine to determine whether or not the drug in your sample was in fact a controlled substance. The results will be sent to the lab for confirmation.

Workplace drug testing 

If you’re thinking that you can get a urinalysis urine drug test on your own without a professional lab, think again. There are many reasons that employers need to use a professional laboratory to run the test. These reasons include the following:

The main reason why employers use a professional lab to perform their tests is to avoid any false positive drug test. A false positive test is when an employee has something in their system that doesn’t belong there. This could be anything from marijuana to PCP to heroin.

If you’re wondering if a urinalysis urine drug test is going to hurt, then think again. It won’t necessarily hurt you because the test is not actually a painful procedure. The test will just cause you to feel a little queasy for a day or two.

It’s very important to remember that false positive drug test doesn’t happen too often. A few tests a year can add up to quite a bit of false positives. Employers don’t really have to worry about getting false positive drug test results, so your job isn’t going to be in jeopardy.

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